Myrevalidation forms service

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Welcome to the Myrevalidation forms service!

This website provides the following PDF forms that you can prefill with doctors' names and download:

  • Patient questionnaire
  • Self assessment questionnaire
  • Colleague questionnaire
  • Colleague nominations form

Once downloaded, the forms can be completed with Adobe Reader XI or DC on a PC (available for free download at Adobe).  On the iPad, the forms can be completed with PDF Expert, which is an app produced by Readdle available from the Apple Store for just a few pounds. The forms can then be saved and/or emailed. (Note that with versions of Adobe Reader prior to version XI the forms cannot be saved/emailed. Unfortunately, Adobe Reader Mobile for an Android or iPad is currently not suitable for this application.)

Select the My forms tab to register for a free account and subsequently to login. You will then be able to download and use the self assessment questionnaire. In order to obtain other forms you need sufficient credits which you can purchase or which may be donated to you. Unused credits remain valid for 60 days from the date of purchase. You can top up your credits at any time.

You obtain forms by selecting them from the Obtain a form page. You are then prompted to prefill the parts of the form that will become fixed.


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